About Us

Our range of specialist tax advisory services are provided to our clients and the clients of professional service firms. We are referred to clients by their normal advisor where the adviser recognises that their client has an issue but they do not have the specialist knowledge to handle the particular matter.

The relationship we have with our clients is not dissimilar to that of the GP and consultant in the medical field, where the GP diagnoses a problem but because they do not come across the particular issue on a regular basis they don’t have the in-depth knowledge to provide the best treatment for it.

However, the consultant who specialises in that specific area will see the problem on a very regular basis and will be aware of the latest treatments for it.

We understand that choosing a specialist adviser can be a difficult process.

To achieve  objectivity (and not be to salesey) we have combined our thoughts with some honest feed back from clients, and have come up with following;

Our Consultative approach is normally one of the main feed back areas, we believe that because every client is different it is important that we listen first, and provide solutions second.
Our level of commercial awareness is always mentioned.

Here at PTS we have a team with a varied background which means that our solutions are not only innovative, but also practical.

Importantly we will always try to take an holistic approach, fixing one issue to create another just doesn’t make sense.

Another area that we are regularly complimented on is our implementation.

Clients like the fact that all our projects are Partner led, and that we remain involved until the assignment is completed.

We also pride ourselves on the level of communication we have when we are working with a client, we keep people informed (even if it’s just to say “sorry no progress on this because we are awaiting xxx”)

The final area, which we regularly receive positive feedback is our fee structure, our approach is always to ensure that we are providing real value, and we prefer to work to a fixed fee agreed in advance.

We hope you find the above useful, here at PTS we pride ourselves on providing quality advice, in a practical and cost effective manner.

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