Private Client Services

We offer Private Clients Services for high networth individuals including those with property portfolios, holiday lettings, offshore funds, UK investments portfolios etc.

Personal Tax Planning

The service covers:

  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Inheritance Tax (IHT)
  • Trusts

Trish Daniels can assist with both UK domiciled and non domiciled individuals on the tax implications of areas including availability of Principal Private Residence Relief, separation and divorce, remittance basis charge, IR35, estate planning for IHT.

We also offer advice on Partnerships and LLP’s

Once the circumstance and aims have been established, we will offer a specialist planning service tailored to individual needs and goals.

Trust Tax Advisory

The taxation of Trusts is complex however, Trusts play a key role in estate planning as they allow an individual to remove an asset from their estate but still have the ability to retain control over it Trustees may be liable for Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and capital Gains Tax. As tax liabilities can arise on transfers into or out of a Trust or to the Trust itself, every transaction within the trust should be reviewed to ensure that it is not creating an unnecessary tax liability.

Apart from the tax planning opportunities, Trusts can be created, either during lifetime or on death under a will, and offer advantages in a number of area including:

  • Maintaining control over assets
  • Flexibility of planning
  • Protection of minors, spendthrifts and persons of unsound mind

We are experienced in providing advice to Settlors, Trustees and beneficiaries of existing Trust structures and also in relation to the creation of new Trusts.

Estate Planning

UK domiciled individuals are subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT) on their worldwide assets on death. Non domiciled individuals can also be subject to IHT if they have been in the UK for 17 out of the last 20 years. In either situation, the preservation of wealth and the protection of assets from IHT requires careful planning to ensure that sufficient income levels are retained to enjoy their required standard of living whilst removing assets from the IHT net and ensuring that the surviving spouse, civil partner or other beneficiaries are suitably provided for.

The earlier arrangements are made the greater the chance of taking full advantage of the opportunities available and maximising the benefits.

Our advisor will spend time understanding the circumstances and goals and introduce effective strategies to assist with achieving these goals.

An IHT planning review and implementation may cover:

  • Maximising reliefs available
  • Availability of Agricultural and Business Property Relief
  • Gifts out of income
  • Use of trusts
  • Effective will planning
  • IHT insurance cover

Compliance Services

Our advisory services are complemented by offering a full range of compliance serves including:

  • Bookkeeping and accounts preparation
  • Payroll
  • Personal, Trust and Corporation Tax Returns

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