Research and Development Tax Credits

Many companies do not realise that they have eligible projects,  or, most commonly, ‘bundle’ the R&D claim as part of their broader tax and accounting affairs without a rigorous effort to optimise its scope.

Not only is the tax legislation associated with the scheme a highly specialised area in its own right, it is unique in that a successful claim is based on its scientific or technological merits, meaning that the claim process cannot be fully handled by tax personnel alone.

Positive Tax Solutions have a working arrangement with a strategic partner who combine specialist skills  and knowledge in the R&D tax credits system with practical experience in technology to help clients submit high quality, sustainable claims.

Our partner offers a range of services related to R&D tax relief claims, tailored to suit clients’ individual needs, from full claim preparation to ad hoc advice on R&D tax relief issues. In all cases their services deliver outstanding value for money by:

  • Bringing the right combination of technical and tax expertise to the project
  • Using an effective approach that embodies their expertise and experience
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with HMRC
  • Transferring the knowledge of the process to client staff for future claims
  • Substantially easing the burden on client technical and financial staff.

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