Transactional Tax


TransTax solutions are designed for the SME market where the business owners are planning to

  • Re structure*
  • Dispose of all or part of their business
  • Have owners or senior directors retire
  • Undergo partial or full management buy outs or management buy ins
  • Acquire a business
  • Dispose of some or all of the assets of the business
  • Extract assets or cash from the business see details here

An area of particular importance is to ensure that available tax reliefs are not compromised e.g. Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

*Where past actions have resulted in the potential loss of Entrepreneurs’ Relief it may be possible to establish this by restructuring.

Headed up by Stephen Burwood, the specialist team here at Positive Tax Solutions use their unique mix of technical acumen alongside cutting edge ideas to provide tailored solutions for both businesses and their owners.

The team uses their extensive tax and accounting experience to produce innovative and commercially aware planning solutions.

Using their experience they have developed a  unique framework approach that helps clients achieve their objectives. The advantage of using frameworks is that PTS can create a bespoke solution for their client in an economical manner whilst ensuring that the solution is robust.

TransTax solutions are a series of operational frameworks that have been designed to overcome many of the traditional challenges that business owners and purchasers of business’s face when they undertake transactions.

Most TransTax solutions are agreed in advance with HMRC which means maximum benefit  along with peace of mind and comfort that there should be no future issues.


To ensure that the best result is achieved for every client we go through the following steps

  • Establish the requirements

  • Present proposed solution 
  • Obtain HMRC clearance

  • Implement


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