Establish an EMI Scheme


Thank you for expressing interest in our Online EMI service.

The Bronze Service* (see the Implementation Guide) is available to companies that:

  • meet the qualifying criteria – see the Guide if you have not already done so.
  • will be offering options to 5 or fewer qualifying employers or officers of the company.
  • does not require amendments to the Articles of Association
  • does not have a shareholders agreement
  • you have agreed the value of the shares to be offered with HMRC – or have engaged us to do that for you.

The Bronze Service is available for a fee of £2,750 plus VAT.

If you require a valuation for the purposes of the scheme, at the same time as implementing the EMI scheme, we charge an additional £1,750 plus VAT.

If you would like to proceed please call us now or book a call here us to discuss

*If you require more than the Bronze Service then please do get in contact so that we can discuss your requirements.